Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President...

by Raelene Gorlinsky

This week is Book Expo America in New York City. It's the largest publishing trade show in the U.S. A whole group of us from Ellora's Cave are attending. We arrived Monday to get organized and ready, and we're staying at the Waldorf Astoria on Park Ave. Whoot, very famous, very gorgeous (but an old building, funky electricity, almost no hot water at least in my room).

Ahem, but...also here at the Waldy yesterday were President Obama and former President Clinton! Ah yes, that would explain half the police officers in NYC lined up along the street, traffic periodically shut down and rerouted, guys in scary riot gear (black helmets, black bulletproof vests, big black guns, even black police dogs). When Susan and I tried to go to dinner, the whole street was blocked off with a barrier of bumper-to-bumper trash trucks - NYC trash trucks probably could indeed stop an explosion or a terrorist attack. We had to walk an extra block up in order to cross the street and walk back down to the restaurant. Susan wanted to catch a glimpse of Pres Obama, but I really would have loved to see (and meet!) Clinton. He's like fine wine - his aged maturity far outstrips what he was when he was in office. Alas, there wasn't even a second of public exposure, so we had to settle for ogling some of the buff cops.

Former U.S. President Clinton hugs U.S. President Obama in New York


Barbara Elsborg said...

OOh - how exciting!! Pity you didn't have the cavemen with you in all their buff glory! That would have raised more eyebrows than the presidents I think!

Barbara Elsborg said...
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