Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And the Winner is...

Okay, here's a winner, a reminder, and a new contest.

Word Libs Winner

The winner of our Word Libs game is Red Garnier! Red wins an ebook download of her choice (EC, Cerridwen, or TLC). Red, please email and let her know what title and the format you need. Here is the "story" Red created in the game:

She wants to be free...

Titty has been a chairy in her father's Hornyville since she was eight-thousand-to-the-decimal years old. He wants to twister her off to the highest broomie, but she wants to find crookedy love. Could the wormy bookmark who has been a-la-pirouetting around her father's grounds at night be her key to freedom?

He wants to be tamed...

Dick is a fantasizing gypsy, free from the dirty-trunks of USA society. But his crotch longs for love. When he spots the cheesily-gallivanting woman in the lord's Hornyville, he knows she is the one for him. But can he swing-ala-ding her from her catatonical father before it's too late?

Cover Letter Critique

See the blog post . Send in your cover letter to be critiqued (to If your letter is selected, you'll win a free ebook download. We'll be posting the first critiques in early January!

Comments Contest

When we return from the holidays, the editors will laugh over--err, uhh, seriously review--all the comments posted on the December blog articles, and will select what we consider the three best comments. Each of those people will win a free ebook download. So go give us feedback on some of the articles!

Holiday Hiatus

Hey, we're taking a break for the holidays! We will have a Thursday 13 tomorrow, and then will resume posting blog articles after the new year. So come back and see us on January 3rd.


Anonymous said...

Just wishing you all a wonderful Christmas break. And to say that I love the blog and check it out every day.

Mary H

Red Garnier said...

Yey!! A free ebook! Thanks so much, it was such a fun game. I wish one of those would write a whole book, haha. ;) Off I go to email Martha!

Cara Carnes said...

LOL! Oh Red, you simply have to write that story. Please????

Simply hilarious.

Wylie Kinson said...

Red - If the writing thing doesn't work out, please try stand-up comedy. You definitely have a knack for funny :D

Anonymous said...

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