Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ask Me Anything

To really develop a character, you, the author, must know them inside and out. Here are thirteen questions to help you get started.

1. To whom does this person go when they're having a crisis?
2. How do they drive (if they drive at all)?
3. What would they order on a first date?
4. What's their biggest pet peeve?
5. What would they wear to a job interview?
6. Are they a cat person, a dog person, or something else entirely?
7. If they drink coffee, how do they take it?
8. What is their chosen career--or their dream job?
9. What are they afraid of?
10. What is their political stance?
11. What is their relationship with their family, and who is their family by choice?
12. What kind of music do they like?
13. What do they read?

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