Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Contest Winners! - Pen Names

In our blog article on pen names, we challenged you to come up with "your ideas for the wrong pen name for an author of a specific genre", and said we'd award free books to the ones we thought most creative and entertaining.

Wow, what twisted minds some of you have! We got about 80 entries, it was very difficult to choose the wrongest of the wrong, but we did our best. You can see all the entries in the Comments section of the original post (

So {drum roll} here are the winners:

Galaxy Jones - Sci-fi (from Anny Cook)
Cass Trait - erotica you don't want to read (from Laurel Lyon)
Sharon Guys - erotica (one assumes menage) (from arkansas cyndi)
Jolie Rodgers - pirate romance (from Debra Glass)
Travis Goodrider - Western (from Christine Carey)
Chuck Stake - splatterpunk (from Pierre Roustan)

Okay, guys, email me at with your postal address and I'll send you one of the Pocket/EC erotic romance anthologies. (If you prefer something non-erotic, please tell me.)