Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Last Line" Contest Winners!

Well, we definitely see that people would rather write and laugh about "bad" lines in imaginary novels rather than good ones. Or maybe it's easier to stick a spear through those genre cliches? We had only two entries each for the "best last line" categories, but plenty for "worst".
Notice that we did allow the stretching of "last line", as some of the entries were last paragraphs or so.

And the winners are ... {Drum roll}

1. Mystery Novel - Best last line
Sometime between dusk and dawn the body had disappeared and in its place was a black silk rose with a single blood drop on one petal. ~ windlegends

2. Mystery Novel - Worst last line
Gertrude dabbed her eyes with a frilly handkerchief as the radiant bride sailed down the aisle toward her groom.
"It is fortuitious that the authorities have apprehended that monster. Imagine beginning one's sixth marriage with the spectre of a husband-killing psycopath on the loose," whispered Fanny.
"Oh, indeed. Imagine the horror of having your own lingerie used to strangle each of your dearest loves in the honeymoon suite. The poor darling must be so relieved." Gertrude hid a delicate sniffle with her hanky.
"And this husband is so much wealthier than any of her others. I do so love happy endings!" ~ Kristi

Honorable mention:
"Harold died of arsenic poisoning," Harris said. "In the condiments."
"So I thought." Celia slipped a bead onto a strand of her macrame. "I checked his salt and pepper, but found nothing. Nothing in the relish, mustard, steak sauce, salsa or ketchup either. It was then I considered the toast."
"The toast?"
"Yes." Celia held her latest wool owl up and admired her work. "It seems the butter did it." ~ Ulysses

3. Romance Novel - Best last line
She grinned. "Did I tell you I have cellulite on my ass?" ~ windlegends

4. Romance Novel - Worst last line
Last line of The Greek Billionaire Cowboy-Surgeon's Secret Love Surprise:
"When you told me you had a secret baby, I never imagined this!" Carrie exclaimed, staring dumbfounded at Damien's rounded abdomen. ~ Mary Ann Chulick

So, winners -- email with your name and address. Specify whether you want an ebook (and format) or a print book. For romance, whether erotic or non-erotic.

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