Monday, October 6, 2008

Update on Sony Reader

Sony has announced the third generation of their Reader Digital Book (model PRS-700), releasing in November. The new version adds a touch screen, and allows readers to use fingertips or a stylus to search, create notes and highlight text. The touch screen also provides a pop-up virtual keyboard. This model has new note-taking capability and an improved search function. A built-in LED reading light has been added to help in low-light situations. Memory has been expanded, Sony says itwill accommodate about 350 average-size ebooks; there are also optional removable memory cards for even greater storage capacity.

It supports multiple file formats for eBooks, personal documents and music. With the included eBook Library 2.5 PC software, you can transfer Adobe PDF documents with reflow capability, Microsoft Word documents, and other text file formats.

However, the Sony Reader is still not compatible with Macintoshes, and still does not have wireless connection capability.

Physically: six-inch screen, weighs about ten ounces. Very sleek and handy. There are five preset text sizes, plus you can zoom in. E-paper display.

The price for the new model is $399, ouch.

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Regina Carlysle said...

I've been reading about this new one. I have an e-bookwise but my friends love their Sony. Wish it was wireless. Pricey!