Friday, February 27, 2009

by Raelene Gorlinsky

Susan Palmquist of the Between the Lines blog interviews me about Ellora's Cave authors and readers, what EC is looking for in submissions, erotic romance in general, and the popularity of ebooks.


Anonymous said...

Good interview. Loved this line in particular--"Really good erotic urban fantasies would thrill me to death!" Not that I need more projects to contemplate :)

Barbara Elsborg said...

I'd spotted that as well. What to write next???

ECPI Editors said...

Okay, now I'm expecting to see some erotic urban fantasy submissions! Don't disappoint me!

(Umm, no zombies, please. I'm not enjoying that recent fad in UF. I'm sorry, I just can't find zombies sexy or romantic. I can go for most other kinds of paranormal beings.)

Just remember that to be "erotic" means the sexual element must be a significant (and early) part of the plot and the developing relationship. Urban fantasy stories that have explicit sex in them, but the sex isn't primary to the story arc, are not classified as "erotic".


Barbara Elsborg said...

I'm hoping you'll like my five legged, three eyed shapeshifting coffee table who falls in lust with a paranormal three dicked private dick newly released from a mental institute - he's desperate to get laid. It's a match made in - er - hell?
My mother said it was the best thing she'd ever read - message sent from hell.(Yes I know I should think heaven but she was cruel to cats) My friends can't get enough of the table and if you miss this you'll really be kicking yourself - it will make you millions. I have a handwritten copy ready to send - it's only got a few coffee stains on it- oh and a few other stains butI'm sure you won't mind those. Nor the speling misteaks.