Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Winning at WisRWA

by Raelene Gorlinsky

Last weekend was the annual conference of the Wisconsin Romance Writers. And a happy 25th birthday to that RWA chapter!

I was impressed by the enthusiasm of all the attendees, both published and aspiring authors. (Even the occasional accompanying spouse or parent seemed to be enjoying the event - 'course, that could be because it was located at a casino hotel.)

Catching up with others in the "biz" is always enjoyable for me. I would hate to live or work in NYC (I enjoy the amenities and lower costs of Ohio, thank you), but I often miss the contact with other publishing professionals, the good gossip and the even better business discussions and advice. So here are wild waves to Hilary, Laurie, Deb, Birgit, Elaine. And to all the authors I chatted with. During the editor/agent panel, I mentioned that most editors spend huge chunks of their "personal" weekend and evening time reading submissions; people get into the publishing business not because of love of money (we make little) but because of love of books. Give us a good book to read, an author to chat with, or another editor to swap war stories with, and we're in heaven.

Hey, you -- yes, you, the authors who pitched to me and heard me say "Please send the submission." I meant it! Stop being shy or coy or whatever it is, and just send it! Don't self-reject; give us a chance to look at it. I heard a couple of good book hooks, and I want to see the stories.

Good food, good books, good people to talk with -- how could a conference be any better?

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J L Wilson said...

I'm still getting caught up from WisRWA (lots of family things to do when I came back plus the Day Job). I agree, though. It's a great conference, the right size, in the right location and with great people. I've had a good time each time I've gone. It's on my list of "Probably Annual Events" for me.