Sunday, September 20, 2009

Title It Contest!

In any genre, you can find a plethora of very similar--or even identical--titles. Just try searching on Amazon by some of the more common words, and see how many books you find with the same title. There are just certain words that epitomize a genre. And as we all know, titles cannot be copyrighted, therefore you can't claim someone is copying from you or stop them from using the same title. Otherwise, we'd likely run out of book titles. (You can, however, trademark a title as a "brand" under certain circumstances. You see this with some series names.)'s a list of very common title words for romances (including erotic romances). There will be kudos and prizes to those who create the most imaginative and unique book title from this list. Rules:
~ Title can be any length.
~ You may use only the words on this list and connector or little words (a, and, the, this, of, or, for, with, her, him...).
~ You may use the singular or plural noun form, possessives, or any tense of a verb.

Okay, post your entries in Comments by Friday, September 25! Oh, yeah, extra points for an appropriately creative author pen name along with the title.

Magic (or Magick)


Kimber Li said...

Blood, Dark and Sweet

Paradise in Winter

That's all I can think of right now. Long day. I do enjoy this kind of thing.

Sometimes titles are so easy and other times it's like pulling teeth.

Jade said...

The Wicked Wolf and the Midnight Surrender.

The Hot Hunt for the Wild Mistress.

Wanted: Forbidden Blood.

Master Magic and the Dragon Mistress.

My pen name would be Sally Sidebottom. I think I've got a bestseller in the making!

Sylvia said...

Forbidden Moon Dream of the Winter Wolf

Barbara Elsborg said...

yes I know I've been silly but I couldn't help it. All words used in the title. Off to write the book now.

The wild winter wolf who wants a heart is hunted at night time by the blue-blooded Master of Midnight only to be captured by the wicked Mistress of the Moon, then bound in dark desire to the slave, Shadow Dragon, whose submission and surrender are but a bad dream in paradise for our hot knight hero, Hawk, whose forbidden eye lusts for all born captive to the magic of love.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Ooh forgot the pen name -

Lotty Words

Kimber Li said...

Midnight Born

Born of the Hawk

Winter Hawk

Hawk's Blood

Blue Eyes in the Dark

Midnight Blue

Time's Hawk

Dream of the Hawk

Time is a Wolf

Captive in the Dark

Surrender the Blood

Midnight Bound

The Moon After Midnight

Hunting Down the Moon

Yeah, okay, that'll do for now. Just having fun.

Danica Avet said...

This was fun! Here are my titles:

Born Blue and All Bad (of course, it's the story of Smurfette)

Shadow Knight of the Dream Mistress

Winter's Dark Surrender

Desires of a Forbidden Heart

Author's name: Ivanna Smallbottom

Bill Greer said...

The Midnight Mistress's Forbidden Love for the Magic Knight by Master Slave

Angelia Sparrow said...

All the Bad Blue-Bloods' Forbidden Lust for Midnight's Captive Dragon-Mistress.

Branwyn ap Chucullain ferch Meadowhawk

First line:
The hot moon rode wild and wicked over the winter wolves as they hunted through the night.

Kimber Li said...

A Dark and Captive Heart

Shadow Hawk

Surrender the Wolf

Capture the Night

Dream of Blood and Dragons

Hot in the Winter

Master the Night

Dream of the Night

Still having fun!

Anonymous said...

All the Queen's Men

Kimber Li said...


Maya / מיה said...

The Bound Dragon's Magic Lust

By Persephone Seedless

Maya / מיה said...

The Slave's Blue-Blooded Desire (and Dragons)

By Daphne Austen

Word verification word: brand


Linda Kage said...

Wanted : Submission From a Hot, Wicked Knight

Ima Findhim

Ashley said...

Slave of the Dragon-Eyed Moon

Capture, Surrender, Lust

In the Shadow of Magick: The Hunt for the Blood-Bound

Rhoswen Dyer

Anonymous said...

TITLE: The Knight, his Master, and a Forbidden Love

PEN NAME: Al Wheys-Hardcock


Charlee Compo said...

All the Bound Blue Blood(s)

Forbidden Winter in Paradise

Lust of the Shadow Dragon

Wolf Moon

The Wolf, The Hawk and the Dragon

Time's Mistress, Midnight's Master

Shadow of the Master

Blue Balls and Green Eyes, Inc.

Desires of a Forbidden Slave

Dark Desires, Bound Lust

Submission, Surrender and Bad Dreams

My Wicked Captive Knight

The Wolf Master

Surrender the Heart

Between the Moon and New Hawk City

Pen Name: Sioux D'Nym

Marianne Stephens said...

Forbidden Lust and Surrender All Night

Wicked Dream of Dark Desire

Midnight Lust for a Hot Hero

Surrender to the Magic of a Shadow Mistress

Wicked Paradise at Midnight

Surrender to Wicked Desire

Marianne Stephens/April Ash

Unknown said...

A slave to submission
Captive of the blue eyed dragon
Blood, love and desire
Hot winter blues
A night of magic paradise
Capture the forbidden dream
Shadowed Heart
Mistress Knight, Master Hawk
Hunt for a moon mistress
Surrender to dark lustful desires

Ruby Blue

Dita Parker said...

On the Hunt for a Hot-Blooded Hero

Bound by Dark Magic

Blue Shadows in Paradise

Paradise Bound

Lust at Night, Love by Midnight (Quickie, right?)

Her Blue-Eyed Wolf

Dark Knight Hunting

Hot Knights in Paradise

Surrender to Paradise

Midnight Paradise Surrender

Born All Hot and Bad

Born All Wild and Wicked

Captives in Paradise

Capturing Paradise

Born to Dream Wild

Knights Out Of Time (time travel tale)

All He Wants Is

A Wicked Time in Paradise, and to complete a trilogy: A Hot Time in Paradise and A Wild Time in Paradise

Forbidden Dreams, Dark Desires

The Wild, The Wicked and The Wanted

A Dragon, A Knight, A Wild Winter Night (No, I don't think it is what you think it is. What do you think it is?)

And in honor of and inspired by Ms. Lotty Words: A Magical Hero at Heart is Born (where a blue-blooded knight with dark desires wants a wild wicked wolf or bad dragon to surrender to at midnight or a slave or captive submissive who loves hot winter nights and lustful times, hunting and capturing hawks with his/her eyes bound and dreams of moonshadows in paradise [all Masters and Mistresses forbidden]).

By Nighty Knight

Yaz said...

Born to be Bound

A Time to be Wicked

His Wild Desires, Her Wicked Surrender

Dark Shadows, Wild Nights

Wicked Eyes of Forbidden Lust

The Dark Shadows of Forbidden Desires

A Captive's Wild Paradise

This was fun!!!

Yaz said...

Oh! Pen Name??

Devour M'Sweets...

LVeloz said...

Born from the submission of the msitress and the lust of the slave

The Shadow of the Midnight Dragon

Bad Blood in the Hunt for Paradise

Wild time in the hunt for the blue eyed hero

Hunt for the heart of the dark eyed knight

Hot Paradise Master Surrenders to Lust

Bound by Blood and Desire

The Forbidden Lust of the Midnight Mistress

Wild Forbidden Mistress wants a slave to surrender to her dark desire

Unknown said...

Wild Winter Wicked Wolf Wanted

Pen name - Wanda Wanklestein

Debra Glass said...

Paradise Wild by Angelique St. Martin

Paisley Smith said...

Winter's Wicked Mistress
by Lizzie Spanx