Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kindle Sales Skyrocketing

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has announced "[W]hile our hardcover sales continue to grow, the Kindle format has now overtaken the hardcover format. Amazon.com customers now purchase more Kindle books than hardcover books -- astonishing when you consider that we've been selling hardcover books for 15 years, and Kindle books for 33 months." In the past three months average, they’ve sold 143 Kindle ebooks for every 100 hardcovers. In the last month, it was 180 ebooks for every 100 hardcovers. The company has not released any specific figures about total Kindle sales or total ebooks sold.

Amazon also announced that five authors have already sold more than 500,000 Kindle books each. They are: Charlaine Harris, Stieg Larsson, Stephanie Meyer, James Patterson and Nora Roberts.

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RK Sterling said...

That's comforting news. :)

Christina Auret said...

Now just think how many they would be selling if it were not for geographical restrictions.

Katalina Leon said...

This is the new frontier and with it must come a change in how the ebook industry protects its storefront. I can personally vouch that the boom in ereader sales has been accompanied by a boom in ebook piracy. The little authors are getting strangled by pirate sites on release day.
Ereaders are here to stay and we must adjust to new realities of publishing. We need protection from pirate sites who make profits from unwitting companies who buy advertising on Google and we need software that limits file sharing. No one is allowed to buy a print book, xerox it and resell it... Let's get with the program or risk losing the store.

Savannah Chase said...

It is amazing what technology can do. This is the new wave of comfort and with the huge difference in price it is here to stay. Don't get me wrong, I do love my hard cover books and hope that they will be around for many more years to come.

Barbara Elsborg said...

500,000 - now that's just greedy. Could they let me havea few thousand of those?

ebooks are the future - no doubt. I'd just like one copy of each of mine in paperback - just to look at - my precious!!!!