Monday, December 13, 2010

Books of the Year

Seems like everyone is doing a list of their top books of 2010. We don't want to be left out! But we'd like to be a bit different. So tell us some special stories that you read in 2010 (don't have to be new release in 2010), in the categories below.

And yes, of course, there will be prizes! Since it's the holiday season, we'll mail you a 2011 Ellora's Cave calendar and some other great goodies!

From the stories you read in 2010:
1. Story that resonated the most with me, emotionally.
2. Story I recommend most to others.
3. Story I wish I hadn't wasted my time on.
4. Most unusual story.

Put your responses in Comments by December 20. Oh, and please say why! We're always looking for book recommendations. I asked for an gift certificate for Christmas - help me spend it.


Debra Glass said...

1. Story that resonated the most with me, emotionally.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, JK Rowling - I know it's the last book in the series and I loved how it explains everything that has happened to the characters who've been a part of my life for 10 years.

2. Story I recommend most to others.

I read my first Lora Leigh book, this year - Megan's Mark. For anyone who loves kickass heroines and erotic romance, Lora Leigh writes it best.

3. Story I wish I hadn't wasted my time on.

I can't say that reading any book is a waste of time. As an author I hope I can learn from another's mistakes.

4. Most unusual story.

Again - Lora Leigh's breed series. Love it!

Casey H said...

1. Wild Fire by Christine Feehan
2. Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon
3. Undead and Unfinished by MaryJanice Davidson
4. The Battle Sylph by LJ McDonald

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Anonymous said...

1. Her Fearful Symmetry (Audrey Niffenegger). I was caught up in the story from the first page and the fanciful ghostly occurrences made me wish that I too lived right next to an old English cemetery.

2. Seven Day Loan, by Tiffany Reisz (Harlequin Spice eBook). This would be the novella I recommend to anyone who is curious about erotic women's fiction but has no idea where to start. The plot and characters are compelling, and the sex is top notch.

3. There were a few books that were more 'light reading' that I read and likely could have better used my time. I'm starting to shy away from anything with elves and fantasy that is also a romance.

4. Her Fearful Symmetry (Audrey Niffenegger). It's paranormal, but unpredictable. I haven't read anything else like it.

Linda Johnson said...

1. The Reluctant Dom by Tyber Dalton. This was the first book I ever read that had BDSM in it, I cried all thru this book. Very emotional.
2.The Demonica series by Larissa Ione. There are 5 books in the series. She was a new to me author and I loved this series.
3.I can't remember reading a single book that I did not enjoy.
4.Marly's Choice by Lora Leigh. It was def. different than what I am used to reading by Lora.

Bev Rostant said...

1) Son of the Morning by Linda Howard is the story that resonated the most with me emotionally. I have re-read this story every few months or so, can't find another story like it.
2) I recommend to others any of the Alex Archer series Rogue Angel. I have them all and love the strong heroine portrayed.
3) Story I wish I hadn't wasted my time on is The Time Weaver by Shana Abe. I have all her other books but this story was a disappointment in how the story was told. I almost didn't finish it (unheard of for me).
4)Most unusual story was Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Different for me to read about a younger person and still enjoy it. It was very well done and placed missing pieces in the storyline out there to finally understand.

VenusBookluvr said...

1. Story that resonated the most with me, emotionally.
The Crooner by Rida Allen

2. Story I recommend most to others.
Red Stilettos by Paris Brandon, Francesca Hawley, Ashlyn Chase, Delilah Devlin

3. Story I wish I hadn't wasted my time on.
I read so many and every year the list gets bigger on this one. I'd have to say I'm going to avoid self-pubbed because the lack of editing gives me a huge headache.

4. Most unusual story.
The Seagrass Whore by Ellen Ashe

Ruth A. said...

1. Story that resonated the most with me, emotionally.
~Mira Grant's FEED it is far more than your average zombie book.

2. Story I recommend most to others.
~Nicole Peeler's Tempest Rising and I still have yet to talked my book club into reading, Jane is an awesome main character and not your typical heroine as she more likely to flee from danger than to run toward it.

3. Story I wish I hadn't wasted my time on.
~necking by Chris Salvatore a decent read for the most part but all the characters managed to become hollow by the end.

4. Most unusual story.
~Mind Game by Carolyn Crane a definately must read in UF world. Please get here soon book 3.

Audra said...

Oh, this is super fun!

1. Story that resonated the most with me, emotionally.

Katharine McMahon, The Rose of Sebastopol. This historical could have gone into stereotypical realm but instead, the characters were very vibrant and human. When I think about the brief romance in it, ugh, I just get all swoony again!

2. Story I recommend most to others.

Gail Carriger, Soulless although with a few reservations as I don't think her second and third books were all that great!

3. Story I wish I hadn't wasted my time on.

Sena Jeter Naslund, Adam & Eve. It was just bad.

4. Most unusual story.

Elspeth Marr, Aunt Epp's Guide for Life: Miscellaneous Musings of a Victorian Lady. This nonfiction book is a collection of a Victorian-era widow's advice to a young woman, ranging from housekeeping tips to sex ed. Hilarious and shocking in equal part!

Cindy McCune said...

1) Lover Mine by J.R. Ward resonated with me through sheer frustration of the hurt strong characters had to bare.
2) Love is Blind by Lynsay Sands...this is a funny, funny romp. Will make you smile, laugh and love.
3) I cannot defame any author for TRYING! But remember intelligence is NOT shown by the size of the words, but with the emotion conveyed. Give us a STORY not a dictionary!
4) I think everything I read is unusual, after all for the most part they have paranormal overtones...yeah I'm into vampires, werewolves and things that make you go ahhh.

Crystal Hynds said...

1. There were 3 books that every time I read them make me cry: Gwen Campbell's When a Pack Dies, Trinity Blacio's Running in Fear series, and Dixie Lynn Dwyer's Were She Belongs.

2. Branded by Gold or Necklace of Shame by Carol Lynne. Both the heroines in these stories and strong and have been put through so much but they always come back and still have a good outlook on life.

3. I can't say I ever read a book I thought was a waste of time. I read everything and if there was something I didn't like, it teaches me to not read those types.

4. Most unusual story....Well I usually only read Erotic Romance, and I try different genres all the time to see what's out there so the most unusual might not be one a lot of you have read but it's called Childebride Island by Alice Liddell.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

1: The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. I am totally holding my breath until the final installment releases January 18th.

2: Insatiable by Meg Cabot. Not what I expected and I totally enjoyed getting sucked into it.

3: Story of O by Pauline Réage. I was told it was a classic but I do believe it has branded my brain.

4: I'll Tell You A Secret: Jackalope by Matthew VandrewFree Read

Heather said...

1. Afterlife by Joey W. Hill resonated the most for me this year. I was an emotional mess...but in a good way. I normally can tear right through a book, but not this one. I had to slow down and savor this book because of the emotions it pulled from me.

I actually recommend several books, but Backstage Pass by Olivia Cummings is the book I have been recommending recently. I love this book. It's emotional, sexy, erotic, and a lot of fun. I can't wait for the next book.

There isn't any book I would call a waste of time.

Finally, the most unusual book I read was The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook. It took me a little while to get into the story, as well as, the unusual setting and mythology involved with the Steam Punk genre, but I kept with it and ended up loving the story. I'm now looking forward to reading more in this Genre.

Karla Doyle said...

1. The Road, by Cormac McCarthy. I read this based on recommendations, as it is nothing like my usual fare. I became completely, emotionally invested in the story almost immediately. It haunted me.

2. ALL of the Stephanie Plums (there are 16 numbered books!), by Janet Evanovich. I started these based on a recommendation, and read all 16 of them within two months. For pure, laugh out loud entertainment, I doubt you can do better for your dollar or time than this series. Plus the two leading men are h-o-t.

3. There is one book I would definitely put in this spot, but out of fairness to the author I will not name it directly. Ironically, another commenter listed this as the book they most recommend to others. So there you go, taste is so subjective.

4. Soulless, by Gail Carriger. Unusual yes, but also really enjoyable.

Tanya1224 said...

Best books I read in 2010 were:
1. Vampire Empire by Clay Griffith because it was a new style read for me. Steampunk. I was hooked reading it the whole time and the ending was great. True romance without being so graphic. Loved it!
2. Darkest Secret by Gena Showalter. Its a Lords of the Underworld series and every book is about a lord. Its great romance, funny serious and they're all connected trying to find all these objects. Greek myth intwined in it. I love mythology.
3. Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison. I've read the whole series this year. It was an emotional roller coaster. It was well written and easy to follow. I really liked Rachel's character and all the trials she goes through. It almost makes you feel like its a real story going along.
4. Atlantis series by Alyssa Day...all great. Same as LOTU but about Atlantis.
There was only one book I did not enjoy and it was an erotic romance. I don't want to say what because it was probably a great story but was to graphic and sexual for me.

Yaz said...

1. Story that resonated the most with me, emotionally.

Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff. Enthralling account of the queen's life, the writer separates fact from fiction. While reading it, I felt like after all these centuries, Cleopatra's true story was finally revealed.

2. Story I recommend most to others.

Eat.Pray.Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Ok, now, I saw the movie. That's why I recommend the book. The book is so much richer and inspirational, really delving into the path of a woman on search of her destiny. I urge those who saw the movie, to read the book.

3. Story I wish I hadn't wasted my time on.

None were really a waste. As an aspiring author, I try and read everything I can get my hands on, and feel that everything is worth a try.

4. Most unusual story.

LIFE by Keith Richards. The Rolling Stone himself. He makes no apologies, but tells his story with disarming honesty. Any fan of rock n roll should read this book, even if you're not a Stone fan..

Thanks guys, this was fun!

Tracey H. Kitts said...

1. Story that resonated the most with me, emotionally.

The Phantom of Manhattan by Frederick Forsyth. It's a continuation of the story of The Phantom of the Opera. I loved and cried through every minute.

2. Story I recommend most to others.

Dean Koontz Frankenstein Book One. I've just started this series. It's brilliant.

3. Story I wish I hadn't wasted my time on.

I won't name this story directly. However, someone already listed it as the book they would most recommend. I will say that it was an erotic paranormal romance and I found it so offensive that I stopped reading before the half-way point. I HATED the hero to the point that I would have rather shot myself than had him touch me. Every reference to attraction between the main characters was directly related to their "parts," to the point that it was stupid and offensive. I really thought that the heroine's vagina was the main character. Good grief, I'll shut up on that. Apparently, I REALLY hated it.

4. Most unusual story.

The most unusual story I've read this year is probably Soultaker and I suddenly can't remember the name of the author. It was horror and though strange had some interesting concepts.

I know, my reading choices are strange for a romance author. lol I do actually read romance too:)

Jennifer Mathis said...

1 Blood Born by Linda Howard + Linda Jones . I really connected with the characters
2 I just found Kresley Coles Immortals after dark series and I am loving them
3 i would say no books I read are a waste of time but maybe I book that just wasn't for me - Tempting the fire by Sydney Croft / me and the heroine just didn't see eye to eye
4 Body Master by CJ Barry ( Loved it )

Cara Bristol said...

1. Story that resonated: Willing Victim by Cara McKenna. Very poignant.

2. Story I recommend: Librarian by Day by Paige Tyler. Fun!

3. Story I wish I hadn't wasted time on: I never waste a lot of time on any book. If it isn't at least passable, I don't read it. And there were several that fell into this category. But as an author, I won't knock another author's work. Reading tastes are so personal.

4. Most unusual: La Queue de Cheval by Michele de Lully. Very creative.

Susan said...

1. Story that resonated the most with me, emotionally.

RJ Scott's The Christmas Throwaway because I a similar home environment as a child and was also kicked out at 17 (not for the same reason). It's a wonderful story.

2. Story I recommend most to others.

I'm cheating and saying Mari Carr's Wild Irish series because it is really special - hot, fun, sweet - it's all there.

3. Story I wish I hadn't wasted my time on.

I prefer to not name names. I will say that there are many books out there that could have used a good editor!

4. Most unusual story.

Kim Dare's Duck! A beautiful M/M BDSM version of the ugly duckling. Loved it.

Luna Kirschner said...

1. Story that resonated the most with me, emotionally.
*Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon if you've ever read any of the dark-hunter then you ash and how strong he is but this book shows a whole new side of him and how bad ppl treated him and yet he's still so sweet i cried through most of the book

2. Story I recommend most to others.
*anything by sherrilyn Kenyon she never disappoints

3. Story I wish I hadn't wasted my time on.
*any of the harry potters i just couldn't get in to it i always fell a sleep

4. Most unusual story.
*Lora Leigh's breed series.but it stilled kicked out

Cathy M said...

1. Loved Joey W Hill's latest Vampire Queen series books: Vampire Mistress and Vampire Trinity. Her stories always pack an emotional punch, and teamed with sexy characters and erotic storylines, they are quite addictive.

2. Another great Joey w Hill story, this one only in ebook so far, called Afterlife. Emotional, with bdsm theme that Joey does better than anyone.

3. Strong, Sleek and Sinful by Lorie O'Clare just didn't capture my attention with either the characters or storyline.

4. First Steampunk story I ever read was Iron Duke by Meljean Brook. It was fabulously unique, and got me hooked on this genre.

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