Friday, February 25, 2011

New EC Lines!

Authors, get your typing fingers ready! We've got two new Lines (genres) to announce and we're itchin' for new submissions. The deets:

Ellora's Cave Shivers
You know those erotic horror subs our Editor-in-Chief (@EditMeThis) has been begging for on Twitter and Facebook? They've finally got a name, and the very first one releases on March 25 (Endless Lust by Lexxie Couper)! The horror genre is broad, and in the spirit of encompassing as wide a definition as possible and appealing to various types of readers, your horror submission can be:

* Psychologically scary
* Blood-and-guts scary
* Pee-your-pants, hide-under-the-covers scary

You catch that keyword? And let's not forget, above all, erotic. However, mindful that horror doesn't always lend itself to happy endings, HEAs and HFNs are optional in Shivers stories. But hey...if you can work a believable romance in there, we'll be impressed. And might even send you candy. Let crippling fear fuel your characters' lusts, them to the brink of insanity and orgasm.

Ellora's Cave Kink
This aptly named Line is just what you'd expect -- kink and fetish. No, not BDSM. That has it's own Line (Taboo), and is less kinky these days than you might think (oh, those jaded readers!). We'll give most subject matter serious consideration if the execution is stellar, but remember what EC readers love most -- hot sex and happily ever afters. We want romantic relationships that develop not despite a kink, but because of it. A single foot-rub scene won't get the Kink banner on your cover. The sexual thrust of the story (no pun intended) should revolve around your chosen fetish or kink. Delve into the psychology behind it, both historically and from your characters' POVs. How does the fetish make the characters feel, physically and emotionally? How has it evolved? How did previous lovers handle it? And so, so much more; there are endless ways to develop your story -- but no dry History of Kink lessons here. Make it fresh, make it funky, make it fetish.  ;-)

Like all our Lines, Shivers and Kink are open to all EC book lengths (7K to 120K-ish), and can have as many themes as you'd like (menage, vampire, shifter, historical, Rubenesque, M/M, F/F, etc.).

Got something sitting on your computer right now that might work? Perhaps some idea brewing in that big brain? Then check out the Submissions page on, download the Author Info PDF for additional instructions, including submissions address, and start flooding our inbox!

And pass it on!


Angelia Sparrow said...

Yes, yes yes! I LOVE erotic horror. *bounce* Now I need to finish up "Fruits of Thine."

Anonymous said...

Nice title. :)