Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cave Tales: Bad Bunny

by Raelene Gorlinsky

We often have people asking about our offices, or wanting to come tour the building. We point out to them that it's pretty much a standard office building with an attached warehouse, people sitting at their desks and doing their jobs. There isn't anything weird to see -- well, except the snakes, and the visiting pets, and the Egyptian decor, and the stored "sets" from various RT parties, and... Okay, maybe we're not quite a typical office. And some of the things that go on here are unusual.

We have an onsite daycare center for the young children (babies through kindergarten) of employees. This is an incredible benefit for a small company to provide! (Sure wish the huge corporation I worked for when my son was little had offered such a thing.) And it provides some interesting moments, such as this week.

My office is down the hall from the stairs leading to the daycare center. If someone forgets to close the door, I occasionally hear a baby crying or a toddler's excited squeal. But not much. Until this Tuesday. I was jolted from my work by the hysterical screaming and crying of multiple little voices. It went on and on. Clearly someone was torturing our children! As it got even louder, it was obvious the kids were up on our floor of the building. What in the world was going on? Something must be terrifying these kids.

And something was.

The Easter Bunny.

Yep, a photo opportunity had been set up. As had been done at our Christmas party, one of the staff dressed in costume and the kids got their pictures taken with him. Santa Claus was no problem, but apparently a giant bunny is extremely frightening. There were heartbreaking sobs from little girls who wanted nothing to do with this creature. It took much parental soothing to get unsmiling children to stoically sit for their picture with the beast. Who knew that the Easter Bunny was a traumatic experience?

Kids and costumed characters - yep, definitely adds to the uniqueness of Ellora's Cave.


Unknown said...

Ahhh. I think it's great that EC has an onsite daycare. Another reason I'm proud to be an author with EC.
Not many places are that generous, though it would make going to work easier for parents.

Josin L. McQuein said...

If you think the bunny's bad, then you should check out what happens to something like 40% of the kids at Disney World.

When those 3 inch tall animated critters turn into 6 1/2 tall costumed park employees with giant heads and hands, strange things happen - like screaming, flailing in terror/self defense and even soiling themselves on Main Street USA. (Whoever thought it a good idea to take Jafar, who any kid who's watched Aladdin has seen turn into a giant snake, and make him 7 feet tall with funky eyebrows and a non-working mouth has no business working around children.)

Anonymous said...

Vibes. It's all about vibes. Kids know things.

Mel Teshco said...

My daughter used to be terrified on santa clause, have a few snaps over too many years with her screaming on santa's lap, and me having to snuggle up to santa too just to keep her happy LOL!

Jan Springer said...

Oh my goodness! That is one big bunny! LOL