Friday, June 17, 2011

Cave Tales: Fun With Faolan

The jobs of the hard-working Publishing staff are stressful. Therefore, as thoughtful and wise employers, we implement techniques and activities to reduce that stress. As displayed by this clip.

Proven stress-reducer: new Corgi puppy.

Thank you to Meghan for taking the video, to Kelli for starring in it, and to Raelene for supplying the puppy (who is now named Faolan, Gaelic for "little wolf").


Anonymous said...

OMG! He's so cute!

Barbara Elsborg said...


Taryn Blackthorne said...

I WANT one! My cat would have a fit but...soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

You ave it so sweet! The puppy is so adorable and you get to bring him to work--and you work for EC and meet all those EC Cavemen models and of course a Welsh Corgie! You are so lucky to be you! Congrats!