Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Puppy Love

by Raelene Gorlinsky

Hmm, I was trying to figure out how to make this blog post related to writing or publishing.
People need puppies.
Publishers are people, so publishers need puppies too.

Today was a stressful day at work. Things go wrong. It is difficult when what goes wrong is out of your control, or you don't understand what is causing the problem. So by end of day, I was not in a cheery mood.

I got home and let our two puppies (4 months and 6 months old) out in the yard to play. I just sat there and watched them - and I felt lighter, the world was brighter, my headache was less and things no longer seemed a mess.

They love to play Stalk. It's just like watching one of those nature shows, where the lioness or cheetah stalks the gazelle. The puppies flatten themselves into the grass on opposite sides of the yard, just staring. Then one of them starts to wiggle its bottom -- and suddenly leaps up and charges the other. They chase around the yard, through the bushes, through my vegetable garden ("Stop trampling my zucchini, you little beasts!"). They knock each other over, wrestle and tussle, break away and charge back. All with complete joy and excitement. Who can help but watch and smile at puppies at play?

Puppies should be issued to publishers as part of standard "office equipment", just like getting a laptop and desk chair. Today's major problem is not fixed yet, but I don't feel quite so stressed out about it.
Faolan and Fancy with Jonathon.


Olivia said...

Speaking as a writer with a puppy -- I concur with all of the above. Mine plays "Stomp" rather than "Stalk," but that's a personal choice every puppy has to make on their own.

C. said...

Ah, a hairy man with nice hands and puppies. Apart from good literature and some wine, that's all I need.

lynneconnolly said...

Publishers have puppies, writers have cats. Why does that strike me as a lovely concept?

Betty Hanawa said...

There was an article once upon a time that made the argument that dogs are better companions for writers than cats. It's mainly because a dog needs to go outside which pulls the writer out of her (his) chair and into the real world providing time to think without staring at the cursor.

Regardless, much as I love my dogs, I still desperately miss a cat in the house. Allergic reaction to cats force me to find a good home for my last two.

Kate Sherwood said...

I think we should expand your 'publishers need puppies' concept a little. I would add 'politicians need puppies' - can you imagine how much more energized and respectful our politics would be if the participants had to take regular breaks to frolic with young dogs? Also, schools need puppies - I know, it screws up the alliteration, but burned-out teachers could be revitalized, over-excited students could be calmed, parents could be reminded of the joy of youth... all with puppies!

I'm sure there are more uses. We could empty the shelters!

Elyzabeth M. VaLey said...

I have a 3 month old puppy and right now he constantly switched mindsets from the "let me see how everything around me tastes!" to "let me create my own running track in the house" to "let me pounce on my 9 year old boxer roomy". LOL

I think puppies or dogs just make your days brighter :)

ECPI Editors said...

Interesting concept, Kate. A long time ago I'd read somewhere the idea that old folks homes and orphanages should be built next to each other. Both the kids and elderly would benefit from having each other to hug. Let's expand that and put the animal shelter there, too. Studies show how much having a pet to stroke and love can benefit people. All those people and creatures could share the love and attention.


Katalina Leon said...

A dog walk on a stressful day is another great cure-all. This Kat is a dog lover.
PS Those are cute puppies!

Unknown said...

Oh wow, your puppy on the left side of the photo looks just like mine! Although my 'puppy' is now 5 years old. :)