Sunday, October 23, 2011

RomantiCon© Roundup

Our EC RomantiCon© reader/writer convention gets better every year! Parties, awards, great food, gorgeous cover models, fun games, music and dancing. This year we had our EC-label dessert wines and root beer, scads of "interesting" tee shirts and lots and lots of souvenirs and promo items.

Author KJ Reed makes great videos. Have a ball enjoying her pre-RomantiCon© and post-RomantiCon© stick figure videos, and her film of great moments at the convention.

Pre-RomantiCon© stick figure:


Post-RomantiCon© 2011 Stick Figure:

We'll be posting about the fun workshops over the next week or two.


Nina Pierce said...

Oh, I'm so sad I missed it. What great videos! Thanks for sharing.

Bucketlist Becky said...

Thiss is a great post thanks