Thursday, November 3, 2011

RomantiCon© Awesome Awards

by Raelene Gorlinsky

Every year at the RomantiCon© Saturday night banquet, we announce awards to our authors. It's a highlight of the night for many attendees. We give trophies to our Rising Stars--any author in attendance who had their first book with EC in the past year. We then do the Superstar awards--we have a few  serious awards, but most are just great fun. You'll have to read the stories to find out about the award titles!

The Pillar - for strong public support of Ellora's Cave - Lynn Connolly

Centennial - Desiree Holt, for 100 books published (we’re honored the hundredth was published with EC)

Trendsetter - Jaid Black, for launching the erotic romance genre, and other brilliant ideas since then.

No Fear of Commitment - Laurann Dohner

Best Double Down Ever - Make Mine a Double by Nicole Austin

Best Reason to Get Stranded in the Gulf - Landlocked by Cindy Jacks

Death by Dildo - Hot, Hard and Howling by Mari Freeman

Felines Through History - Panthera series by Frances Stockton

Friends to Lovers - Bet Me by Katie Blu

Howling Horror - Howling Sacrifices by J.K. Coi

Interstellar BDSM - Christine d’Abo for her futuristics

Kinky Choreography - Passion’s Claim by Cara Carnes (ménage a cinq sex scenes that don’t end up looking like a bad game of Twister)

Makes Us Want to Be a Sex Worker - Red Light series by Jayne Rylon

Men We’d Most Like to Go Into Space With - Bounty series by Christine d’Abo

Menages, the More the Merrier - Brothers in Arms series by Samantha Kane

Most Creative Use of Christmas Ingredients - Ginger Snap by Shoshanna Evers

Most Interesting Use of Camera Metaphors - Waiting So Long by Kaenar Langford

Most Wicked of All Lovers - Wicked Affairs series by Eliza Lloyd

Not-So-Little Blue Men - Mystic Valley series by Anny Cook

Randy Reunion - Point Blank by Kaily Hart

Semper Fidelis - Faithful to a Fault by KJ Reed (taking hot Marines to the extreme)

Sexiest Use for a Pool Cue - Inflamed by Mari Carr

Spicy Rose - Punishing Rose by Kathleen Lash

Super-Sexy Shifters - His Purrfect Mate by Laurann Dohner

Tackle That Quarterback - Necessary Roughness series by Ann Jacobs

Unassuming Alpha - Appearing Nightly by Cat Grant (for a hero in heels as a hot drag queen)

Villain Who Should Have Been a Hero - Ian, from Skin Game by Cara McKenna

Voodoo Zombie Lover - Dead Sexy by Paige Tyler

Now That’s a Dungeon! - For the real dungeon in the Irish castle in Emerald Dungeon by Kathy Kulig


lynneconnolly said...

I was so sorry not to be able to attend, it looked like huge fun and a great chance to meet people.

I got my Pillar Award, and I'm thrilled to bits with it. It's now sitting in my cabinet, and it looks awesome.
A very elegant clear column with my name and the award engraved on it, which sits in a black pedestal, which, completely brilliantly, lights up. You get a rainbow reflected through the pillar.

Thank you very much. It puts my EPPIEs to shame!

Samantha Kane said...

I was so surprised and pleased with my Superstar Award for Brothers In Arms! Thanks again to everyone at EC for a great convention. The award really is quite pretty. I like to turn it on and watch it glow in the dark. Which sound weird. lol.

Shoshanna Evers said...

The award is beautiful and I'm thrilled you guys gave me one for GINGER SNAP :)

Thanks EC, you guys rock! Congrats to the other winners!

Eliza Lloyd said...

Romanticon was a blasty-blast! And the awards ceremony capped it all off perfectly. Thanks EC, Jaid and editor Jillian Bell.

J.K. Coi said...

Romanticon was amazing, and I'm so glad I got to be there and meet so many wonderful people! Thank you soo soo much for the award and I love how it lights up the room :)