Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Winner: Fifty Shades of Parody Contest

So sorry for the delay in announcing our winner. We've been away at conferences the last few weeks.

SO...the winner is Olivia Waite for her "Fifty Shades of Fame" entry. Olivia, you'll be getting an email this week with your EC gift card code.

And here is Olivia's next bestselling book:

Fifty Shades of Fame is a sizzling contemporary erotic romance, complete at 300,000 words.

Belladonna Pigeon never expected her first erotic novel to be a success, but lately she's topping every bestseller list and her name is on the laving tip of everyone's tongue. A major studio has purchased the film rights and handed the project to cutting-edge director Greyson Xian -- whose smoldering good looks are as heart-stopping and pants-moistening as the scenes in Belladonna's book.

Only one problem: Greyson doesn't believe her sex scenes as written are plausible. Belladonna will have to prove to him, paragraph by paragraph, that each position is both physically possible and impossibly pleasurable. But can a shockingly innocent girl play the naughtiest of sex games with an aggressively dominant man and NOT lose her heart? Eh, probably not.

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Unknown said...

LOL, what a great blurb. As a Canadian, I loved the 'eh' at the end. Congrats to the winner.