Monday, July 2, 2012

Meet the Editors: Shannon Combs

Shannon Combs

I have been with EC since 2005, and what a great time it has been. I always loved to read and collected mountains of books. I once owned and operated a small sports newspaper, did some layout and web design work, and was even a fitness instructor for a while. But editing is my niche, my happy place. I have worked with some amazing authors and hope I have managed to add something positive to every book. It has been such a pleasure to help polish and refine these wonderful stories. I look forward to working on many, many more.

When I'm not editing I spend time with my family, play with my two kitties, hike/backpack and skate. And skate. And skate. I'm a roller derby girl. I'm part of a very competitive roller derby team that has recently earned its place into the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. It requires a tremendous amount of time and dedication, but we always have fun. It feeds my soul to regularly surround myself with so many strong women and is a great way to stay in shape and relieve stress.

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Kate Hill said...

Hi Shannon! I love working out too. Being active is fantastic for relieving stress.

It's great working with you at EC!