Friday, August 3, 2012

Original Bad Girls of Romance

In a few months (Nov. 28, 2012), Ellora's Cave will be a dozen years old! Twelve successful, profitable years. And...we have authors who have been with us since those very early days and are still actively writing for us! These authors, each of whom has been with EC at least a decade, are a real cause for celebration.

Mid-August up until our EC anniversary, we will be running special sales on these authors' books. And their series will be featured in our special promo where we offer the first book in a series free for two weeks. The authors will be having contests and various giveaways on their own websites and blogs. We'll be featuring posts from them here on R&D.

So please join us in applauding the "Original" Bad Girls of Romance:

Ann Jacobs
B.J. McCall
Denise A. Agnew
Elizabeth Lapthorne
Jaid Black  (of course--the first Bad Girl of Romance)
Joanna Wylde
Joey W. Hill
Kate Hill
Katherine Kingston
Kit Tunstall
Lora Leigh
Madeleine Oh
Margaret L. Carter
Sherri L. King
Tielle St. Clare
Vonna Harper


Jan Springer said...

Very cool! Congratulations!! :-)

cornelia amiri said...

Congratulations to EC and all the talented authors listed above. To be with the same publisher for 10 years are more is outstanding. c. Congratulation to all of you.

Adele Dubois said...

Big congrats to you all! I wish you many more years of success with our favorite publisher.


Joey W Hill said...

Thanks, ladies! I'm still amazed with the whole 10 year thing. Time has flown (laughter).

N.J.Walters said...

Congrats to all the talented authors listed!

Cris Anson said...

Lots of terrific names on this list. Thank you, EC, for bringing them to us. And congrats on another anniversary.

Elizabeth Lapthorne said...

Thank you ladies! It's astonishing to think 10 yrs has flown by so quickly. A wonderful milestone. :)

katsmeow said...

What an awesome landmark. Congrats to EC and the Original Bad Girls! (I almost put OG'S, but didn't want you ladies being confused with "Original Gangsta's").