Monday, November 19, 2012

Winners: We're Five!

by Raelene Gorlinsky
As you know, we've just celebrated our fifth blog birthday.
All the virtual suggestions were fun, we thank you. And showing that editors are a diverse group, we couldn't come to consensus on what we wanted.
Grace and Denise are headed to Jamaica, courtesy of Tracey H. Kitts. (Grace will be wreaking havoc with Arwen's anonymous Twitter account while she's on vacation.) Martha is going to join them after she has a spa day from Diane M.

Dahlia says, "I'm Team Frosting, though a Wide Selection of Sex Toys does have its merits." Thanks Kim Hugo and Wynter Daniels.

Beverly is taking Kathy Kulig up on that offer of a month in her alternate universe. Denise will join her there when she leaves Jamaica.
Violet's choice? "I'm totally voting for the duct tape/cavemen combo. Is that TMI? LOL"

Victoria is the practical one. She wants the three meals a day served by Cavemen, followed up by the gift basket delivered by the super spy or superhero. Thanks to Marianne Stephens and Missy Jane.

Bree is also going to take Barbara Elsborg up on her offer of champagne, chocolate and naked men. She has agreed to give me the duct tape if I'll let her pet the pony.
I really, really wanted the pony in the unicorn get-up from Ju Dimello, but realized I just don't have the space for it. So I'll just have it for a short visit, then give it to the children next door (I haven't told their parents about this yet). But what I really want--so appropriate for an editor--is N.J. Walters' red pen with a diamond set in it. (How did you know I love fancy pens, N.J.?)

So, as promised - gifts to those who gave us gifts! Since we couldn't agree on best gift, I did a drawing. N.J. Walters, Missy Jane and Tracey Kitts! I'll email you about your prize.


Tracey H. Kitts said...

Thank you. :) If I really could send you all to Jamaica, I would. LOL It is beautiful.

Tracey H. Kitts said...

My prize just arrived. :) Thank you again!