Monday, December 3, 2012

What Do You Read On?

According to Bowker Market Research, for second quarter 2012, the devices used to read e-books:

Kindle - 37%
Kindle Fire - 18%
Nook/Nook Color - 14%
iPad - 12%

desktop/laptop PC only - 6%
Smart phone - 3%
iPhone - 3%
iPod/iPod Touch/MP3 device - 2%
Sony eReader - 1%
Other - 4%
These are the same as the figures from first quarter 2012, except that 2% of users switched away from Kindle to Kindle Fire.

Hmm, I think this survey was before the Nook HD tablet came out? I wonder what percentage of the tablet market it has now captured.

I use a Nook Color and love it. Do any of you read on your PC, rather than an ereader, tablet or cell phone? I wonder what comes under "Other". Do people still print out an ebook to read it?


lynneconnolly said...

And it's before the release of the Google Nexus 7. I switched from my lovely Nook Color to my even better Nexus 7 at the end of August. Apparently, it's done really well.

Barbara Elsborg said...

I read on my laptop with Kindle for PC. I'm still waiting to decide which is the best device.
Indecisive is my middle name - well no, it's Jane - along with awkward, moody......

anny cook said...

Sony most of the time. I've had fabulous service from Sony. The rest of the time I read on my PC.

Of course, what I love best is reading a print book...
unfortunately, my eyes don't love that best!

Ann Jacobs said...

I read to edit/critique for others on my computer. For fun, I usually read on my smartphone (a Sony Xperia Ion) or my old faithful Sony Reader.

I'm trying to resist buying a Sony Xperia far, so good!