Friday, May 1, 2009

Graphically Speaking 2

Brought to you by the subdued-by-submissions Kelli Collins.


EilisFlynn said...

I never really saw the appeal of pie charts, but now ...I do. Thanks, Kelli!

Kate Willoughby said...

OMG. I imagine it's difficult to be an editor without eyeballs.

Lyla Sinclair said...

I think Simon Cowell made a chart very much like this about American Idol auditions.

Wylie Kinson said...

Gah -- I hope I make you see red ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh do. :)

Glad you've discovered a love for the pie charts, Eilis. And please come back often, our evil minds are always cooking up new ones.

And I have something in common with Simon Cowell?! Sweet! That guy is responsible for some of my most memorable nights...I take a tequila shot every time he says "That was appalling!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh, Kelli!

Ann Bruce said...

My new goal in life: Make KC-formerly-known-as-KK see red.

Rena Marks said...

I've only seen one manuscript that falls under the category of "Quick. Pluck out my eyes." I saved it.


Morbid curiosity? Is it like a train wreck, where you can't help but look?

I know it sounds I'll only admit to this once. When I need a giggle, I do open it up and read it. It's a gut-busting laugh. Especially because the poor author never meant it to be. He/she thought it was pretty damn romantic.

Starts with dialogue. I'm sure the author thought it was a perfect place for a description of his bed partner:

"My, what long black hair you have! I love that it's threaded with gray. And your nose, most women would have had the length surgically altered, but you carry it off! None of that compares to your breasts. You can tell a surgeon's knife hasn't touched them! They're so soft and stretchy, they wrap around my enormous erection beautifully."

No, I am not kidding. That part I have memorized. Haha, I think I might go read the rest again, now that I'm thinking about it.