Monday, November 23, 2009

Authors Advising Authors #4 - Ari Thatcher

Ari Thatcher

Ari Thatcher is a native Los Angelean who is avidly approaching her “cougar” years. When she’s not hunting her next prey, she can be found writing down her fantasies. She hopes her readers gain as much…satisfaction…from them as she does.


How many books did you write, and how long were you writing, before your first acceptance?
I had two complete books and a few started before selling my first ebook. I'd been writing forever, since childhood, but somehow no one begged to publish the stories hiding under my bed.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give an aspiring (not yet published) author?
Find a good critique group to polish your story, then market it. You'll never improve if no one tells you where you're weak. You'll never be published if you don't submit.

Is there a "warning" you would give an aspiring or new author about the writing profession or the publishing industry, something to watch out for?
You shouldn't have to pay to have your book published. Watch for fees charged by the publishing company. If they're asking you to pay for copyright filing or anything normally covered by the publisher, keep shopping.

What was the most surprising thing you learned after you became published?
I'm not the only person who loves my heroes!

What is your best advice or enlightening story about dealing with revisions and working with an editor?
Read the suggestions, then let it go overnight. Make a list of the changes so you can focus on tackling them one by one.

What is your favorite promo tip?
Be yourself! Let people get to know you, the writer, and they'll want to know about your books.

Did you have an agent when you sold your first story? Do you have one now? At what types of houses are you published: e-publisher, small print press, traditional (NY) publisher, Harlequin/Silhouette category lines?
No agent, as I'm epublished.

I love to explore the sensual side of romance. In my newest release, Kyle's Redemption, Kyle and Lily discover the little things that love brings to sex, and how erotic it is to know you're pleasing your partner. Hot sex is great, of course, but the best sex comes from the heart.

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