Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting Your Book "Discovered"

by Raelene Gorlinsky

This is an excellent article by Cecilia Tan, author, editor and publisher.
Discoverability, Still a Book's Biggest Problem

"Discoverability" means having readers find out about (discover) your book. You can't sell it if no one knows about it, right? In the "old days", that meant having the book on bookstore shelves, because most people selected books to buy by browsing the bookstore. But now, with the shift in the market to online shopping and with the growing digital market, that discoverability dynamic has changed. Ms. Tan addresses what she considered the three components of discoverability for books (print and digital) nowadays:
~ the transition from physical to online marketplace
~ piracy (and how to use it to your marketing advantage)
~ social media and author involvement in promoting their books

A must-read for all authors planning to stick around for the ride into the future of publishing.

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