Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reporting from RT Convention

by Raelene Gorlinsky

This week is the annual Romantic Times reader/author convention. It's in Columbus, Ohio, this year, so was an easy drive for our staff. This convention is mainly a fun event for attendees - lots of parties and social activities. EC throws a huge party every year for any and all; this year's theme was Paint the Town Red.

But for editors, agents, publishing staff, the convention is a business event. We put on workshops, have a publisher spotlight to attract authors, hold editor/author pitch appointments, chit-chat with agents and with editors from other houses. We publicize and promote ebooks and erotic romance to one and all.

EC has two events just for our own authors - a meet-and-greet the first night, and then an author luncheon. A convention like this is a great opportunity for publishing staff to get together with a lot of their authors at once, to show our appreciation of them and update them about the company's ongoing projects and future plans. And chat one-on-one with our authors about their writing plans, answer their questions or give advice.

Of course, being here in our "official capacity" does not preclude us from being fans. Like any reader, I love the opportunity to meet some of my favorite authors, tell them how much I enjoy their books. One can shamelessly troll for free books, opportunities to get ARCs. Find out about what future books to look forward to. (Yes, Sara, I do indeed want to read the rest of that Regency story, so send it! And I can't wait for the vampire chef series to come out.)

Tomorrow and Friday will be busy days for Kelli and me, several panels to participate in. Oh, and Kelli has become known to the hotel staff as the person with the "angry" soda cans - ask her what happens when you set the minifridge in your room too cold.


Christine McKay said...

Love the soda can comment. We also had a mini fridge in our room and discovered how quickly we could turn yogurt into frozen pudding pops and soda into mini explosions!

Frozen soda "cubes" go great in alcoholic drinks though :)

Madelle Morgan said...

I attended the RT convention for the first time as a published author, and can attest to the fabulous support EC provided to its authors.

Most did wear red for the red hot Wednesday Night EC party. (What happens in Columbus stays in Columbus!)

The lunch EC held for its authors was delicious as well as a fun opportunity to bond with other EC/CP authors, and the support EC provided to its authors at the book signing events was awesome.

Kudos to the entire EC team. They did an incredible job.