Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let's hear it for women who read

A quote from author Katherine Govier in a National Post (Canada) column "In praise of older women":

"You do hear, in publishing circles, the occasional complaint that the audience is 'graying.' Yep, it is. It is also loyal, intelligent, informed, crazy about Canada, opinionated, and not going anywhere. These women have years of reading ahead of them. They will not be switching their allegiance to video games or social media. They will read, and discuss what they read, as long as they have eyes in their head.

Anyway, they’re not all gray. And there are a few men among them, I notice now. Also some younger people. Younger than me, I have to say. The audience is a bigger mix than it first appears to be. But yes, it is mainly older women. These are the buyers, the ones who get the ball rolling. Let’s face it, they are the mainstay and the lifeblood of books in our country. Maybe in most countries....

So let’s hear it for older women who read. Without their wisdom, curiosity and lust for life, their humour, loyalty and pride of place, we would be nowhere."

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Danica Avet said...

I always give it up to the older women who read. That's how I became the voracious reader I am now as well as an aspring author. My aunt's next door neighbor had a secret stash of Harlequins that no one in her family knew about until her death. They were in a rush to get rid of those "damning" romance books and I ended up with them. All 500 some odd romances. I was 13 and 20 years later, I read more than ever.

I say HUZZAH, older women!