Thursday, May 27, 2010

Science Fiction Romance

by Raelene Gorlinsky

I recently (May 19) did an interview on SFR Brigade ( This is an extract from that blog article.

What are the most common reasons a novel (especially a Science Fiction Romance novel) is rejected?
Most common – and unfortunately VERY common – is lack of consistent, detailed and believable (logical) world building. World building is important in any book, but absolutely critical in science fiction or fantasy.

What grabs your attention, makes you sit up and want to read more?
A unique or very uncommon premise and setting (world). A heroine I admire, who behaves intelligently and believably.

Tell me about a few of your favorite/best-selling Science Fiction Romances novels. What really stood out in these stories that made them unique?

My favorites? – These are stories that have uncommon plots and characters, rather than the standard clich├ęs or tropes of the genre. I especially love the strong heroines; I can’t stand a wimpy or TSTL character.

Linnea Sinclair’s An Accidental Goddess – I adore this.

Susan Grant’s The Star King

All the books in Judy Mays’ Celestial Passions series! (

Beast of Dreams by Cynthia Williams (

Kate Douglas’ Starquest series ( – although that’s more futuristic, not really science fiction

The Sailmaster’s Woman by Annie Windsor (

I just ordered Close Encounters by Katherine Allred, and am looking forward to reading it. Also on my TBR list is the steampunk Mechanical Rose by Nathalie Gray (

What are you looking for right now? What kinds of submissions would you like to see pop up in your e-queries? Anything you’re dying to see more of? Steampunk? Futuristic? Space Opera?

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see erotic steampunk. Steampunk romance is one of my favorite subgenres for my personal reading. An author who can combine incredible world building in a steampunk setting with a super-steamy sexual and romantic relationship will be a hit with me and with EC.

Hmm, any of you writers do urban fantasy romance? That’s another favorite subgenre of mine – contemporary or slightly future set. (Nalini Singh’s Angel series !!) EC would love to get erotic urban fantasy submissions.

Oh, and note that I always mention the “romance” part. I personally prefer romance in my science fiction, steampunk, or UF. For EC, we accept sexy stories with romance (Romantica®) or without romance (erotica). Futuristic erotic romances also generally do quite well at EC.

We have editors who love science fiction romance in all forms, so if you write a great erotic book, one of our staff may be able to fall in love with it.


GalaktioNova said...

Wow, thank you so much, it's extremely interesting.

I'm writing a dieselpunk romance at the moment... but strictly romance, no erotica involved whatsoever. I actually think that as far as romance is concerned, a kiss that didn't happen may be steamier than pages of hot stuff... but that's only me :-)

Thank you very much!

Carla Swafford said...

This blog was so timely for me. I was just asking this morning about FF&P and in particular Science Fiction came up. Great examples.

February Grace said...

I've really been thinking about trying my hand at steampunk- romance appeals to me in that as does the idea of sci-fi romance but wow, erotic steampunk?

I'm giggling.

Why am I giggling? I'm a married woman and I'm actually blushing. Sweet combustible fuel, folks, I'm just...giggling at the images that occur to me.

And sadly (or perhaps not sadly if I end up taking a shot at it) I actually have several ideas as to how it could be done to make it pretty darn funny at the same time.

What a concept.

Also I'm apparently so immature today that the idea of someone "falling in love" with such a book just led me to ask myself the question "Ah but could the book reciprocate?" No, that would be more of a paranormal thing wouldn't it?

I am so going to have to blog more about this- the whole idea just tickles me senseless.

Thank you for posting the interview here and to your interviewers, too.

Anonymous said...

"RUIN, Book One: The Tent City, the first of a multi-dimensional Sci-Fi Romance Series by Isobel Noble, is a glorious collage of adventure, futuristic fiction, fascinating and unforgettable characters – heroes, heroines, villains, and ordinary people portrayed so vividly that they spring to life, grow and blossom with every turn of the page. There are scenes of scorching and beautiful eroticism that will inflame your imagination, and have you eager to read the next book in this Sci Fi Romance Series." I have pulled this description off the publisher's website. I just finished Ruin, Book Two, The City of Life and it is STEAMY sci-fi, I really got into it. I can't wait to start the third book in the series.