Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting Started at EC

by author Margaret L. Carter
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Before I became an Ellora’s Cave author, in addition to my print publications (mostly nonfiction on the supernatural in literature) I’d had a few e-books published already. They were full-length novels, however. When I wrote Night Flight, a vampire romance novella that I felt needed more extensive and explicit sex than any of my past vampire fiction, I didn’t know what to do with it. In those bygone days novella markets were scarce. I unsuccessfully submitted the story to the only suitable prospect I knew of, an erotic romance paperback anthology series.

Then I heard about Ellora’s Cave. A publisher that specialized in erotic romance, wanted paranormal—and accepted stand-alone novellas.

I already knew some of the advantages of e-publishing. E-pubs were flexible about length. They kept their doors wide open to different genres, crossovers and varieties of subject matter, such as embracing vampires when many conventional publishers decreed that vampires were “over”. E-pubs invited electronic submissions, a BIG time- and money-saver for authors. They answered submissions quickly (as opposed to a year or more of waiting with traditional novel markets) and put newly accepted books on the publication schedule with equally prompt timing. They offered frequent, open communication between editors and authors. E-pubs even allowed authors to give input on cover art. In addition to the versatility of e-books, they can also stay on sale forever. No longer does an author have to worry that her backlist will fade into oblivion.

Ellora’s Cave featured another advantage—a market for short works, a boon for me because the novella seems to be my natural length. (Other e-publishers later ventured into shorter length stand-alone fiction, but at the time EC was one of the few.) And one more surprise perk—monthly royalty checks!

I’m proud to write for a publisher that made a reputation as the groundbreaker in its field and garnered so much respect for erotic romance and electronic publishing. Ellora’s Cave got there before it was hot and in fact helped to make it hot.

In honor of the EC anniversary celebration, I’ll give away a 2013 Ellora’s Cavemen calendar to a random winner. If you’d like a chance to win a calendar, please e-mail me at MLCVamp (at)

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Love ElLora's Cove Books.. Can't wait to read this one
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Barbara Elsborg said...

Every time I see your name, I smile. One of my best friends is called Margaret Carter - though she doesn't like erotic romance!