Monday, October 1, 2012

How Lucky Can You Get?

By B.J. McCall

I write love stories that sizzle. That’s my objective from the first paragraph. I love sexy, alpha male heroes. They may be human, werewolf or vampire, gun-toting, sword-wielding or mindbender, but they are the take-charge kind of guys. I want my soldier, mercenary, detective, prisoner, celestial warrior or prince hero ready to give up all for my heroine.

I like feisty heroines. Maybe that’s why I love the sci-fi, urban-fantasy and paranormal genres. My heroines can be soldiers, mercenaries and spaceship pilots. I want them tough but feminine. I want them to share in the adventure and have toe-curling sex. In “Silk”, in the Seasons of Seduction anthology, my heroine is a private spaceship pilot transporting a dangerous prisoner who is a mindbender. Although Rhys Adon doesn’t physically touch Lisin Silk, their first encounters are hot. In Scarlet Tear, Ceyla is a pirate’s prize but the sexy pirate isn’t winning a submissive slave. Ceyla is plotting her escape.

In every book, I want a really sizzling moment. I want my readers to fall in love with my hero and wish they were the heroine. Writing for Ellora’s Cave has allowed me to reach for that sizzle. I can’t believe I’m an official “EC decade author”.

Electronic publishing was new when I heard about Ellora’s Cave. The conveyor of the news was Kate Douglas. At the time I had been published by a small print press specializing in erotic novellas. My latest submission, an erotic sci-fi story, had been turned down and Kate suggested I try Ellora’s Cave. My story was accepted.

That was a decade ago, the story was Icy Hot and my relationship with EC had begun. Electronic publishing has flourished, forever changing the world of publishing. Erotica has become a popular option for readers and Ellora’s Cave has set a standard for the industry to follow.

Icy Hot was the beginning. I’m still writing for EC and loving every minute. I am privileged to have stories in five of the fantastic Cavemen anthologies.

This is my decade year and I’m included in another great EC anthology. “Kela’s Guardian”, a paranormal demon story, will be published in Something Wicked This Way Comes Volume 4. I have just signed a contract for a werewolf story titled Pleasure Pact and I’m looking forward to more exciting years with Ellora’s Cave. I’m doing what I love with a great group of people. How lucky can you get?

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