Monday, May 7, 2012

Always carry a book

by Raelene Gorlinsky

I am terrified of being stuck somewhere with nothing to read. Whether it's an office waiting room, a long line at the store, or a frozen-in-place traffic jam, I want to be able to pull out a book to read to keep my mind occupied. It might be a magazine or a paperback book or my Nook, but there's always something in my purse.

But I never thought that my purse could BE a book! Yep, books made into purses. These are wonderful, I want a dozen.

Novel Creations:

Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix Book Purse          The Scarlet Letter Book Purse - Leatherbound          Pride and Prejudice Book Purse

The Hunger Games Book Purse-PREORDER          Jane Eyre Book Purse - Beaded Embellished Ribbon Accent          Black Beauty Book Purse
From the website:
My search starts with ♻ gently used ♻ books. They have to be unique, eye catching, or "make a statement" type books with their covers. My treasures come from garage sales, flea markets, estate sales, and the used bookstore where I work. In some cases, I will purchase a new book if there is a special request that I just can not locate used. Searching for that perfect book is half the fun. The rest is matching the fabric, handles and the button enclosure.

The inside pages of the book are ♻ recycled/upcycled ♻ into other projects that I am working on currently. If you want the inside pages from your purchase, just let me know and I will ship with your purchase at no extra charge.

Yes! The book as a purse plus the book pages to read!


Barbara Elsborg said...

What a great marketing tool! If only they were cheap to make. I love them!! I could coordinate with mood.

Katalina said...

I love them, I want that Jane Eyre handbag!