Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Debut" Books

by Raelene Gorlinsky

I'm a reader of professional reviews, such as the ones in Publishers Weekly and other industry sources. So I found this article hysterical because it is so, so true. You can tell what a reviewer really thought about a book by the adjective they attach to "debut".

To quote part of the article:
  1. a promising debut”: “This author already signed a two-book deal.”
  2. a timely debut”: “A book about racism.”
  3. a clever debut”: “This book has a twist ending.”
  4. a solid debut”: “I have an irrational dislike of this technically unimpeachable book.”
  5. a touching/heartbreaking debut”: “Someone dies.”
  6. a chilling debut”: “Someone dies, and then we discover a terrible secret about them.”
  7. a memorable debut”: “This book has a lot of sex in it.”
  8. a bold debut”: “This book relies on a gimmick that, considered independently, is kind of obnoxious.”
  9. a slender, tightly wound debut”: “Sorry, I was thinking about my new watch.”
  10. a stunning/dazzling/ breathtaking/auspicious/knockout/ splendid/winning debut”: “I want my name to appear on this book’s dust jacket.”


Barbara Elsborg said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning,

I've been reading your blog and I thought the proposal for Ellora's Cave to include erotic fiction from a male's perspective to be a great way to diversify their audience and product. I had a question if you wouldn't mind answering.

I've recently stumbled across another publisher that does several different genres like EC, one of which was menage a tois with one woman and up to "n" amount of men (I read one piece with seven men!) Considering you work with EC, do you think that could be a viable piece, but reversing the genders? Or would that simply be too silly and implausible? I have a rough idea for a plot; I'm just looking for support from published authors.

I'm also a writer, but I'd like to break out in this medium considering there are few male authors I've come across. BTW, I'm a young male and I'd like to write something worthwhile for others. Thank you again for your time! :)