Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birth of a Book

Do you want to know how it really works to get from great (or not so great) idea to a successful (or, umm, not so successful) book? I especially like the first step, which takes into consideration whether the "author" is a normal person or a celebrity. Yep, that is how it truly works and why so many really bad books get published--because it doesn't matter if it's crap, Snooki's name is on it!

Oh, and notice the step in the lower left: Editor quits publishing, moves to country, and starts a goat farm. I have known such editors... (not at EC, of course).

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Barbara Elsborg said...

Snigger - yep, I always wondered if I should change my name to
er - Pairs Hilton? Bradwena Pitt?
Russell Sparrowe - I'm sure I'd be on that NY Times list by now.