Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Conference Kelli

Ellora’s Cave Editor-in-Chief Kelli Collins recently attended RWA Nationals, otherwise known as boot camp for authors, in Anaheim, CA. Aside from some mild concern over riots in the area and finding herself woefully short of footwear (no one told her she needed 17 pairs), she enjoyed spending time with EC authors and many aspiring EC authors. She heard several wonderful pitches and hosted an extremely well-attended EC spotlight. On that note, Kelli would like to give an extra-special thanks to Cristal Ryder and Sabrina York, who not only sat on the spotlight with her, but kept her from jumping off the hotel roof in protest of a lack of an erotic romance RITA category.

Two weeks later, and in possession of more shoes, Kelli was at Authors After Dark in New Orleans, where she swears she’ll never go again in August. (Something about a critical frizz problem? We weren’t really listening. We were too upset she didn’t bring us any beignets.) It seems that, despite the humidity, Kelli can’t recommend AAD enough. Aside from being a busy, informative and very successful con, she found it exceptionally erotica and Romantica® friendly. Very refreshing. EC’s swag was a huge hit.

(Wednesday Writing Tips will return next week. We were all too busy admiring Kelli's new shoes to think about grammar.)


Lynne Silver said...

Thanks for the wrap-up. As an EC author, I'm trying to make my 2013/14 conference list. What conferences would you recommned for connecting with readers and/or bloggers? AAD? RT? BEA? ThrillerFest? So many to choose from and not enough budget to go to them all.

Lynne Silver said...

Oh, and of course Romanticon is on my 2013 list!

Anonymous said...

Aside from Romanticon (of course *grin*), I recommend either AAD, RT or Lori Foster's Reader-Author Get together. All of them excel at attracting readers, and those are the people you really want to endear and spend time with, IMHO. :)

Ann Mayburn said...

I had a fabulous time at AAD, but somehow I kept missing Kelli! I'll have to hunt her down at Romanticon. ;) I'm a newb author but I would totally recommend AAD as being reader/blogger/erotica friendly. I loved RT as well, but it was so huge that I feel like I never saw the same people twice...which is a good and bad thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, where can I find information on those conferences and more? What is AAD, RT, and BEA? Thank you for the wrap up!