Monday, September 17, 2012

Hog Heaven

by Raelene Gorlinsky

Hmm, I'm having to stretch to figure out how this post relates to writing romances...

Ah, got it! Hunky Harley-riding heroes!

Because...a huge Harley-Davidson shop opened about a mile from our office. I drive by it on my way to and from work each day. My oh my, the motorcycle traffic in the area has certainly increased. I love looking at motorcycles, maybe someday when I'm rich and thin (notice my face turning blue from holding my breath) I will buy one. But meanwhile I cruise by the place and admire everything. And though of course we know real riders aren't like our fictional romance heroes, there are just enough of them on display who look the part to keep me staring.


A.S. Fenichel said...

Everyone loves a hot man or woman on a Harley!

Ann Mayburn said...

We have a huge Harley shop right off the main drag by our house. There is all kinds of events that they do and West Virginia is really popular for ridding so every summer there is a great deal of two wheeled eye candy driving around. ;)

Katalina Leon said...

The sound of a Harley does it for me. I've heard a rumor Harley Davison patented their distinctive, thunderous engine sound so it couldn't be copied by imitators.
Could love of motorcycles be classified as a fetish? I hope so.
Maybe motorcycles should be a 2013 theme?